McDonald's Blurry Big Mac


You know you’ve got strong brand equity when you can create a campaign that has no logo and a blurred photo yet consumers can still feel the brand.

Evidenced in this new outdoor campaign from McDonald’s Puerto Rico featuring blurred photography and a simple line that says, “No se diga mas.” In English that means, “Say no more.” Exactamente. Or in English…exactly.

What makes it work are the iconic red and white clues and well as the distinctive shapes of the products. Here’s two more another executions:


The technique reminds me of another McDonald’s campaign that recently launched in France called “Rain,” using impressionistic images to remind people to order McDelivery to avoid going out in the rain. Having just spent some time in March during Paris, I can confirm the rain.


Kind of a consistent concept from France to Puerto Rico, wouldn’t you agree? Not sure if that was purposeful, but each one appears to achieve its intended message in the marketplace.

What’s your experience? JIM