Airbnb - Live Like a Local in Italy

Pasta, anyone?!?


This is certainly an interesting one: Airbnb is partnering with a small town in southern Italy to help revitalize its cultural center. Evidently small towns in Europe are suffering as the new generation of residents and tourists flock to the big cities. But truth be told, it’s also the small towns that hold much of the delight of European culture. So true!

So Airbnb is inviting four people to live for the summer in Grottole, Italy for four months to live and breathe small-town Italian life. Can you imagine?

Sign me up!

I love that the Airbnb brand is all about experiencing the locale of where ever you’re visiting. And by actually partnering with local towns, there’s a new way to bring that experience to life for the greater good of that local town. Win-win.

Bravo! What’s your experience? JIM