Dunkin' Launches New Espressos

Dunkin' (sans the Donuts) has just announced a new line of espresso drinks, for a "new and more authentic experience." A "handcrafted espresso experience." Evidently espresso drinks are now officially outpacing drip coffees in sales, so it's time to up the game. So they say.

Now granted, the brand already had espresso drinks. But they've now improved them, and they're offering new iced versions as well. And all of them positioned at a much lower price point then at Starbucks. The brand is quick to make that point too.

In the meantime, Starbucks released a holiday video that I happened to catch during a football game on Sunday. It's not often that you see Starbucks advertise, so perhaps the brand is asserting a competitive position?

I always say that "marketing is a spectator sport," and there's no better category to watch than this one!

What's your experience? JIM

Jim Joseph