I was on a flight just recently (so what else is new!), and viewed this little ditty of a spot before launching into a RomCom movie. It's from ... the online travel agency. I thought it was really clever in its use of the company's employees.

You don't often see brands use their employees in such an unusual way. It's generally just talking heads. Not here. There's such a sense of adventure, freedom, and ease. So authentic. Makes you want to dive in too. I guess that's the point. I'm sure that the employees love being featured too. Makes it all so real.

Here's what the company itself says about the spot:

"We asked our employees to venture out into the unknown & discover fantastic new worlds, step out of their comfort zones in search of new adventures, make new friends & reconnect with the old ones, embrace the thrill of living and find music wherever they go. These are our stories. What will yours be?"

What will your be? Indeed!

Can be talk about that tagline? Booking.yeah! Brilliant. Perfectly captures that feeling when you're planning a trip to go out and about exploring. Booking.yeah! Great way to differentiate against the many competitors, with real emotion. Booking.yeah!

What's your experience? JIM.

Jim Joseph