Planters NUT-rition Recommended by Men's Health

When I discovered

the Planters #SaveYourNuts campaign for #Movember

the other day, I also came across this little product from the brand...NUT-rition. As in, nuts for nutrition. Clever.

One particular SKU from the product line stuck out at me: the one recommended by

Men's Health

magazine. It's a special combination of ingredients known to be useful to men's health. So

Men's Health

tagged it. With #SaveYourNuts on my mind, I immediately went there, but in actuality this product is for overall men's health, not just the #SaveYourNuts kind of men's health. I think

Men's Health

knows that.

It's a smart "partnership" of a known media authority recommending a product that fits perfectly well with its editorial content suited to the needs of its readership. It's roots are likely

The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

from back in the day.

I'll buy What's your experience? JIM.