Encouragement to #GoVote

"I voted" was the fashion statement of the day yesterday ... I was personally jealous that I didn't get to wear my sticker until after 8:00pm. The day was just too busy so I had to skip my normal 6:00am vote for 6:00pm and hence stood in a very long line. But that was ok, I was thrilled that there was even a line at all and even more thrilled that I too voiced my opinion.

Early accounts say that this year's mid-term elections voter turnout was a "high water mark." My personal experience confirms that. I'm thrilled to see that people care and that people are acknowledging that their vote counts.

We certainly had plenty of encouragement. The hashtags were active all day long.

Including Google's doodle...

Many many companies gave their employees the time they needed to go vote, including those who specifically joined 


, a movement led by Patagonia (who also closed shop for the day).

We saw brands all day long drop their own messaging for messages of support to go vote...

Even an unlikely brand like Steak-umm jumped in with this tweet: 

if for some strange reason

you need a frozen meat company on twitter

to tell you to vote in order to do so, then here: go vote

No matter which way or the other, the point is that people got out and voted. And lots of people, organizations, and brands were supporting our democracy in action.

#AndThatsThePoint. What's your experience? JIM.