Maximalism in Decor

I've been reading quite a bit in the last few days about maximalism in home decor.

For years, the trend has been the exact opposite: in clear lines, soft colors, very little clutter.

Well I'm personally on the opposite end of the spectrum with maximalism...contrasting shapes, bright colors, and lots and lots of stuff. Some say "clutter," I say "stuff." My own eclectic collection of "stuff." If you've been to my office or home, then you know I'm telling it like it is!

It's easy to see how I got here, experiences across the ages. As we get older, some of us accumulate "stuff" from the years gone by. Mementos from trips, family pictures, favorite pieces of art, boxes and sculptures and figurines and lions and tigers and bears.

It's just a reflection of personal style and a life that's been lived. I see no problem with that! And in fact, it's all quite purposeful and organized. Nothing random at all about it. And btw, it's fun!

Just yesterday

I honored Mr. Turk

, the men's fashion designer who passed away over the weekend unexpectedly. He was a maximalist. I have a lot of his stuff too! Maximalism in fashion can be a thing too although when it comes to clothing I tend to think "one gimmick at a time."

What about you? Minimalist? Maximalist? What's your experience? JIM