Uber's Opportunity

Uber has been on a pathway to change for quite some time now.

First we had the an apology video from the new Uber CEO:

Then a new logo:

And now the launch of the biggest campaign in Uber's history...set to take the company in a bold new direction, smoothing out all of the bumps in their road along the way:

"Doors are always opening." "Opportunity is everywhere." 

It rings pretty true to me. As a customer myself, I take Uber to take me places whether for an opportunity to connect with friends or an opportunity to achieve something at work. As a marketer, the brand has been able to elevate their "ride" to a higher emotional benefit. 

Hopefully the brand can take it even further to a more comprehensive campaign about providing opportunity everywhere....this video content is a good start. 

Well done! The best I've seen yet in this category. And a great example of communicating THE emotional benefit of the service provided, regardless of the category.

Perhaps this is a new chapter for Uber...a new opportunity for Uber. What's your experience? JIM.

Jim JosephUberComment