Gap's Hill City

Thanks to brands like Athleta and Lululemon, we've seen women's fashion in the gym not only reach all new levels of style but we've also seen the gym-look hit the streets. Leisure clothes that make a statement and work in and out of the gym, and at home too. And on a lot of airplanes!

Athleisure, is what I believe it's called. It's even in


 We've also seen Lululemon expand the concept to men's wear too, quite successfully. Note their "ABC" in "anti-ball crushing."

Well now Athleta (owned by Gap) wants a piece of men's sales too so it's launching a new men's line called Hill City. Full range of products, just like its sister brand. Sold at Athleta outlets, right along side its sister brand (just like Lululemon).

File this under "logical."

What's your experience? JIM.