the phuture is phluid

Gotta have this t!
I came across this amazing brand because one of my dear college friend's daughter works there.

(side note: didn't think I'd ever have friends who have kids who have careers, but I digress)

The brand is The Phluid Project, and to my eye it's the first gender-neutral lifestyle/fashion brand of its kind. Meaning, the clothing is designed for men and women alike, with no distinction, no bias, and no preconceived perceptions.

Pretty fabulous.

There's so much to like about their mission (actually the brand calls it their "social code"), and one of my favorite aspects includes, "free speech does not excuse hate." There's a brand blog, access to resources, and fun events to include those who want to be included. All inclusive.

We've seen gender-neutral or gender-fluid products start to pop up in fashion and well they should...but I think this may be the first brand dedicated to it. I'm betting it won't be the last.


What's your experience? JIM