Papa John's Apology Video

It’s been a busy week, month, and year for brand Papa John’s. Wow! Just recently the former CEO launched his own website to,

giving him a platform to further explain his POV on founding the company and until recently leading it.

According to him, he will always be Papa John.

Then, just this week, the (current) Papa John’s brand offered a counter point to his point by releasing a video on social media apologizing for its recent activities. The video simply strings together series after series of negative social posts from consumers…and apologizes for causing it all.

Seems the current leadership is working towards owning their own narrative that the former CEO isn't CEO anymore.

While I can’t seem to find the video on YouTube to connect it here (which is odd), the video is available to watch via Digg if you

click for it here


"Thank you for your anger, criticism, honesty. It is making us better."

Consumer feedback always makes a brand better. Brands who pay attention to it is even better. Brands who do something about it are the best!

And I personally also love seeing a brand being open and honest.

Papa John’s isn’t the latest to go on an apology tour…




, and

Wells Fargo

have all beat it to the punch, shall we say. Hopefully they too are doing something about it. 

The question is, as posed in the video itself, whether this will bring some pretty angry consumers back to the brand. Brands who do something about it are more likely to get angry consumers back. And it all starts with being open and honest.

What do you think? What’s your experience? JIM