Jo-Ann's Fabrics Refreshes to Just Joann

You've heard the phrase, " Not your father's Oldsmobile." There's also a brand called, "Not your daughter's jeans." Well now this little retail makeover is being dubbed as, "Not your mom's fabric store."

Jo-Ann Fabrics. Well now it's simply "Jo-Ann." Actually, typo, now it's just Joann. Note the signature "A" remains.

When was the last time you were in? I'm not sure you'd recognize the new Joann. The retail experience has been dialed way way up!

Facing its 75th Anniversary, I guess it was a great milestone/platform for a brand and retail refresh. And a great way to showcase that the brand is a lot more than just fabrics. It's full on crafting and DIY, with not only the "Cut Bar" but also the "Bloom Room," "Custom Shop," "Creator's Studio," and "Knit It" sections.

Now that's a retail experience!

There's a new flagship store coming to Ohio and a rollout of a new retail environment happening across hundreds of locations. A recent acquisition of CreativeBug helps the brand advance its leadership position in DIY education with both instore and online craft classes.

I love that they call CreativeBug the "Netflix of DIY." It's always a compliment when one brand uses your brand to better describe itself. Like the Rolls-Royce of hotels sorta thing.

With the likes of Michael's and Hobby Lobby continuing to engage their audiences, I would say this is a smart move for a heritage brand like Joann to up the game. And perhaps set a new standard?

What's your experience? JIM.