Annie's is More Than Just Food...It's a Brand

Have you ever heard of the brand Annie's Homegrown? It's a line of "real and organic" foods made with "simple ingredients." Foods like yogurts, mac and cheese, and little snacks.

I talk (and teach) all the time about how the only way a product can transform into a brand is if it creates an emotional benefit that turns into a bond with consumers. Simple for me to type, easy for you to read, but difficult for us marketers to do.

This is exactly what the Annie's brand does in this new video...

See how Annie's turns dads into super sleepover savers! And how Annie's has snacks that fill living room forts full of flavor, has crunchy snacks that melt mid-afternoon meltdowns, and has crispy snacks that turn lunchtime sharers into lunchroom heroes.

Emotional benefits! That's a whole lot for food, which is why Annie's is more than just food.

And btw, thanks for the great portrayal of dads!

What's your experience? JIM.