What a Week for Kit Kat!

The iconic Kit Kat brand has had a strange and unusual week.

On the one hand, the brand became a social media draw as it helped an "inexperienced" consumer propose to his girlfriend. The story goes that this young gentleman was outed by his girlfriend on social media for not eating a Kit Kat bar correctly. He didn't break the bars apart first before taking a bite.

His naivete went viral pretty quickly as he admitted that he'd never really had a bar before.

In a wonderful one-two punch, he then solicited the help of Kit Kat to create a 3-D printed version to use to hold an engagement ring so that he could ask his girlfriend to marry him. Awww.

Who doesn't love a love story? A love story with Kit Kat involved?!?

That's the good news. The bad news is that Kit Kat has been trying to defend its unique shape in Europe for over a decade claiming that the brand owns the distinctive bar shape. The European courts don't seem to agree, so their suit faced yet another setback.

The inability to trademark design elements isn't a new issue as many other brands have faced similar setbacks. Very few have been successful...Louboutin red sole shoes is just one brand on a very short list.

What do you think? Should Kit Kat be able to trademark their bar design?

What's your experience? JIM.