#WFH -- Work From Hawaii

Today's post riffs off my last post about working from Vermont...but now we're talking Hawaii!

The tourism board for Hawaii just gave new meaning to the acronym #WFH ... it's not "Work From Home" but instead "Work From Hawaii!"

Brilliant. Here's the website.

The Instagram campaign has awarded in-state (as in in-Hawaii) residencies to six New Yorkers who want to follow their passion from a seat on one of the six Hawaiian islands. For example, photographers could apply for a stint on Kauai or entrepreneurs on Lanai or recording artists on the Big Island, etc.

It's smart thinking. Many say that they're more productive when working out of the office and many also say that they spend vacation time following a hobby or interest (or a "passion point" as some say).  I say all in.

And I say it's pretty clever to turn around what is a pretty common term in pop culture and give it new and exciting meaning.

What's your experience? JIM.