Fudgie the Beer

This just might be one of the most interesting (fascinating, unusual, uncommon) collaborations that I've ever seen.

If you know Carvel ice cream, then you know Fudgie the Whale. Fudgie the Whale is a classic ice cream cake from the 1970's that's still popular today. Iconic.

I mean, c'mon, Fudgie has a Wikipedia page.

Well Fudgie the Whale has partnered with Captain Lawrence Brewing Company (a micro-brewery) to create Fudgie the Beer. Beer combined with ice cream...Carvel fudge ice cream and classic Carvel chocolate crunchies.

Gosh, I remember loving those crunchies as a kid in Upstate New York!

Fudgie the Beer is only available at the brewery, and they've made a family affair out of it by also selling milkshakes from Carvel too.

Interesting (fascinating, unusual, uncommon).

What's your experience? JIM.