Domino's Paving for Pizza

We pretty much all know that Domino's is in the pizza delivery business. So rather than advertising that well known fact, the brand actually decided to fix a problem that gets in the way of said pizza delivery.

Potholes. It's called Domino's Paving for Pizza.

Domino's is handing out grants to twenty local cities to repair potholes. And then once the potholes are repaired, the patches are stenciled to give credit to the pizza brand. Pretty clever.

Athens, Georgia and Milford, Delaware are just two of the cities that have benefited so far. More to come. And since Domino's drivers rack up about twelve million miles of delivery service a year, I guess the brand is just taking some responsibility for fixing up the roads it travels on.

And it's not just delivery. Imagine all the pizzas that will be saved when people drive home with them as take-out! You can send Domino's a note identifying a pothole that needs to be fixed, and Domino's just might fix it!

I always say that brands should be adding value beyond just their product benefits. Domino's Paving for Pizza is a great example of adding value...making our streets safer. Not just for delivering pizza but for all uses.

Well done. 

What's your experience? JIM