Sephora Classes for Transgender Customers

Sephora, as in the beauty retailer, has long held beauty "how to" classes for women on a wide range of topics. As a leader in beauty, these kinds of classes are what you'd expect.

The brand's latest string of classes aren't necessarily what I would have expected, but I certainly applaud them coming from a leader like Sephora...a leader in beauty, in retailing, and in our collective pop culture. I leader that I can look up to.

Beauty classes for Transgender customers. "Classes for Confidence."

The brand says that "everybody has the right to feel beautiful." Transgender people do face different kinds of beauty issues, including factors that affect their skin. These classes offer real information to help people feel more confident and "more fearless" as the brand says.

I say, "Bravo!" That's leadership!

What's your experience? JIM