Revlon Flesh at Ulta

I'm on a roll this week, talking Pride Month and beauty products. So here's another one. 

In June, Revlon will launch a new prestige line of makeup call Flesh. The brand's 40 shades of foundation work across a diverse range of skin tones. Get it...Flesh?!?

Flesh was created by beauty guru Linda Wells who left her post at beauty magazine (voice of the industry) Allure and now works for Revlon. Flesh will sell exclusively at beauty retailer Ulta (key competitor to Sephora). But the exclusivity is only in the brand's pricing and distribution...the line is meant to include all skin tones. Totally inclusive. Something for everyone, you might say. Pride-like for Pride Month.

While probably not the first makeup of its kind, Flesh is pretty comprehensive in covering the range of skin tones and for that it's worth noting. 40 of them.

Noted. What's your experience? JIM.

PS - Revlon also announced the organization's first female CEO, Debra Perelman. She's got lots of tenure at the company, and she's tied to the ownership. Her intense experience and deep relationships should yield unprecedented ability to really get stuff done. It'll be great to see what she brings to the industry. I'm looking forward to that!