J&J - Living Your True Self

June is Pride Month, and I began the month with a post about Sephora including beauty classes for Transgender customers.


Then I explored new Fluide makeup for all gender expressions and new Flesh makeup from Revlon that features products for 40 skin tones.


And then yesterday, I wrote about Soul Cycle's new campaign that talks about how #AllSoulsWelcome.


I can't promise that I won't write about Pride marketing again, but today's post rounds out my fab five for Pride 2018. But we're going internal.

I write all the time about my time at Johnson & Johnson. I held my first marketing post there and I'm very proud of what I learned on my many assignments and from my many mentors. Many of my friends today are from my J&J days.


When I saw this link on LinkedIn from a former J&J colleague, I just had to click. The company's new website is featuring inspiring stories from J&J employees talking about their lives. Telling their personal stories. One of the first was from a gentleman talking about "living his true self."

In this post, Clark Musto talks about how he had the "backing of the entire company" when he transitioned from female to male.

Click here to read Clark's story.

I can't even begin to tell you the pride I feel as a J&J alum.

Now that's Leadership, Inclusion, and Pride! Thank you!

What's your personal story? What's your experience? JIM