Dove Men+Care #DearFutureDads

In honor of Father's Day 2018, Dove Men+Care is showing that it cares about fathers once again. And this time the brand is putting more resources behind that care.

In a new film called #DearFutureDads, Dove Men+Care showcases various dads talking about the bonding experiences they've had with their children. It's touching and inspirational...and soothing all at the same time...

"I might need a second." 

Thank you Dove Men+Care for showing fathers of all types. We come in lots of forms, but we all universally share the love we have for our children and the need to spend time with them.

Of course we all know that "bonding" doesn't happen without time and commitment. So Dove Men+Care is putting resources together to champion Paternity Leave for fathers all over the country.

We already know that today's dad wants to be involved, and the brand's research confirmed this: close to 70% of dads are willing to change jobs to spend time with their children in the early weeks and months of their children's lives.

I, for one, changed my job when I needed to take care of my children. Back when my children were young, I too was a primary caregiver. It was nearly impossible to balance work with family, so I had to make a lot of changes. And there was no help role models, no resources, no inspiration, nothing.

Well now, clearly, there is a lot more of all of that. Dads want to be active parents, and it's awesome to see a brand helping to make that happen.

Thank you, Dove Men+Care. For this and all of your support for fathers. You do a lot and we appreciate it.

What's your experience? JIM