Uber is Moving Forward

Much like Facebook's recent video play "Here Together," Uber recently launched a new video message talking about how the company (and brand) is moving forward from the issues that has plagued the car service.

Unlike the Facebook video, however, here we see and hear the new Uber CEO up close and personal. Which I personally feel is much more effective.

He talks about how he's been on a listening tour with drivers and riders, and about how he's making changes in what is now "Uber's next chapter." He's committing to "always do the right thing" and to fixing what ever has been done that hasn't been done right.

Smart move from a new CEO who is in a turn-around situation. Transparency, consciousness, responsibility. And it appears that he's also taking action, Traits you want in an organization's leadership. A great "voice" for the brand IMHO.

Now the actions just have to take effect, which is no small feat for sure.

What's your experience? JIM.