Roman, For a "Friend"

There's a new website out there called "Roman" that offers men who suffer from erectile dysfunction ("ED") the ability to get their meds online and in privacy. Roman isn't a pharmaceutical, it's access to pharmaceuticals. Privately. And with a bit of style that doesn't make the recipients feel like there's something wrong with them. Which is such a great emotional benefit.

Roman just launched a very clever campaign to gain more subscribers. In the campaign, the brand speaks directly to men about giving this access to drugs for "their friend." Yes, for a "friend!" ;)

Marketing in the ED category got its start in 1998 when Viagra infamously hired then presidential candidate Bob Dole to be its brand spokesperson. On camera and for a broadcast advertisement, Bob Dole publicly admitted that he suffered from ED. It was a breakthrough moment in the category, in men's health, and in pharmaceutical marketing.

Perhaps Roman is the next breakthrough as well.

What's your experience? JIM.