Bye Bye Hotel Shampoo Bottles

You know those little sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner that come in every single hotel room around the world? And cruise ship? You know, the ones we barely all use up and who knows where they end up going.

Well since they're plastic, we know where they end pollution. In the oceans. Can you imagine how many of them are used (or not used) every day around the world? Not very sustainable.

Which is why most hotels are moving to installing bulk dispensers of these products in an effort to reduce waste, cost, and pollution. I salute it!

And honestly, from a brand experience standpoint, I actually prefer using the bulk dispensers in the showers. Easier to use. And generally very high-end quality products even in the more affordable hotels.

Marriott and IHG both just made commitments to install bulk dispensers across their networks. I'm betting any brand that hasn't done so yet will do so now.

What say you? Agree? What's your experience? JIM