I recently visited my favorite place to have margaritas in Manhattan and discovered a huge change that I was kinda upset about at first...they changed their straws! I love their straws! This place has the best margaritas but what makes them so great are the big fat straws. I even wrote about them in my book Out and About Dad. They're legendary...at least in my book!

But once I understood the reason for the change, I totally bought into their new thinner straws. The new straws are biodegradable and won't end up in the ocean. Ahhh. Got it. Good!

Americans use 500 million plastic straws a day. 500 million! And many of them end up in the ocean, damaging sea life. Yuck! Now I feel guilty about all those margaritas and all those big fat straws over the years.

A new organization is trying to put a stop to using plastic straws...StrawlessOcean.org. They are asking us to all #StopSucking via this PSA (public service announcement).

Makes sense. Awareness of this issue can change behavior. I'm going to #StopSucking. Unless they're biodegradable! Like at my favorite margarita place.

What's your experience? JIM