SpielBurgers at Carl's Jr.

File this under “Nice Try.”

Carl’s Jr. (as in the burger chain) recently renamed its Charbroiled Sliders “SpielBurgers” in honor of Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film Ready Player One. But they didn’t get his permission first.

Now I have to believe that they knew exactly what they were doing...highly doubtful that he would give permission, but by putting it out there Carl’s Jr. was still able to get the attention. At least long enough to make headlines. And at least long enough to get Steven Spielberg to respond...

Now of course he took a pass, but with the nicest “cease and desist order” that I’ve ever seen. While it’s a bit manipulative, it is a clever way to get the brand out there and associated with something powerful happening in pop culture.

What do you think? Cool? What’s your experience? JIM