Skittles Super Bowl Ad for One Person

We've done plenty of talking about Super Bowl advertising this year, so for the most part I've put the topic to bed. But there is one brand that I've been following since The Big Game to see if it makes good on its promise. So far so good.

Skittles created quite the buzz not by showing its ad during the Super Bowl but by NOT showing its ad during the Super Bowl. In fact only one person on the planet has actually seen the ad. Yes, the brand created its Super Bowl ad to be viewed by one person only...a lucky superfan teenager in California.

Of course there have been plenty of teasers for the spot, starring David Schwimmer of Friends fame...

On Super Bowl Sunday, we did get to watch the lucky superfan teenager from California watch the ad...via Facebook Live. Literally watch him watch the ad. But not on broadcast television, and not for the world to see the actual ad.

So I've been waiting to see if Skittles would eventually release the ad, but they've remained true to their one has ever seen it. Except the lucky superfan teenager from California.

Clever? Breakthrough? Excessive spend of money for one person? What's your experience? JIM