M&Ms Orange Vanilla Cream

Gotta hand it to brand M&Ms...it’s always up to something. I had barely gotten used to the caramel version and now there’s a new one: Orange Vanilla Cream.

To my eye, this really marks a departure from being a “chocolate” brand. Caramel was one thing, as it often goes right along side chocolate. But Orange Vanilla Cream? That’s a creamsicle, not a chocolate.

Continual innovation is the lifeblood of a brand, but it must always be in keeping with what the brand is all about. Truthfully, the M&Ms brand has probably never really stood for “chocolate” per se, as much as it does for “fun, frivolous candy” that “makes you smile” and that you can “share with a friend.” Oh yeah!

Orange Vanilla Cream fits nicely under that description.

Give ‘em a try? What’s your experience? JIM
Jim JosephM&MsComment