JPMorgan Chase Berkshire Hathaway Amazon Healthcare

JP Morgan Chase Berkshire Hathaway Amazon...that's a lot of powerful names. And they're combining their power to put together an alternative healthcare program for their employees. Presumably stepping in where others have failed. Presumably stepping in where the government has failed.

Just another example of the private sector making greater progress than the public sector on issues normally reserved for the public sector.

And these names aren't alone.

CVS and Aetna. Walmart and Humana.

Large employers who are change agents in their industries are joining forces with healthcare "providers" or creating their own healthcare scenarios to put the control back in their hands. Presumably back in their employees' hands as well.

None of it's been finalized and it's all in motion, but I can't help but think...trend of the future? You betcha!

What's your experience? JIM