Walmart's Big Oscar Night

I just gotta say that this year's Academy Awards was one of the best in years. I just loved the range of one filmed dominated and there were lots of diverse winners. Loved it.

And while there were several big brand sponsors as usual, there were a few big standouts and one of them was Walmart. This is the second year of Walmart's three-year sponsorship deal, and they did not disappoint. Walmart brought it on so many levels...creativity, entertainment, and women!

The brand actually hired three female directors to each conceive and produce a spot, and then the brand featured them all throughout the broadcast. It was like a buffet!

Here's the one from Dee Rees, featuring Mary J. Blige!

And then there's one from Melissa McCarthy, my personal favorite of the three. But then again I love a good diva in training. And an underdog story!

And then finally, the one from Nancy Meyers in true Nancy Meyers style.

All three spots are called "The Box" to bring attention to Walmart's delivery program in competition with Amazon I would imagine. And I imagine this work, which will be repeated often after its debut last night, will bring a lot of attention to the business.

Well done. What's your experience? JIM