Rick Owens and Birkenstock

If you don't know Rick Owens, he's an American fashion designer from California who's look is a bit industrial, shall we say. Hot Hot Hot. Some call him the "Dark Lord of Fashion."

If you don't know Birkenstock, it's a German footwear brand who's look is a bit cool and uncool at the same time. The brand has been out for years with its own characteristic, signature look. Some call it an acquired style.

When you combine the two with Rick Owens x Birkenstock, you have an iconic brand collaboration that's sure to be a hit. Industrial chic meets unhip cool. Sort of. Kinda.

The collaboration includes three types made of three different "fabrics:” pony hair, leather, and felt. There's even a collaboration store in LA called BirkenstockBox.

I love seeing brands come together! It keeps fashion alive and perhaps even retail too! Gotta have a pair!

What's your experience? JIM.