Unilever Wants to Clean Up the Internet

In yet another example where brands and corporations are working to fix a problem perhaps once left to a governing body, Unilever announced that it will no longer support digital platforms that allow fake news or that serve up content designed to promote terrorism or that is a threat to children.

Watch out Facebook, Google, and everyone else too! There’s a new sheriff in town and they’re in control of the advertising budgets.

Hard to argue that this doesn’t make sense, but somewhat new territory for a company to push such a a “safety” agenda. And they’re not the first, since P&G said something similar last year as well.


We’ve often left this kind of policing to the government...ala the FTC as an example. But it seems as though perhaps none of us are completely satisfied that anyone has done enough so perhaps it’s time for the folks who are spending the money to become the ones to make sure it’s appropriately spent in the right arenas the the right adjacenies.

Makes sense to me, especially given the enormity of the problem we now face.

Will more companies follow? I bet. What’s your experience? JIM