Jane Walker

I’m so bummed because I forgot to bring this up in my marketing class at NYU last night. I would love to hear what my students think, so I’ll make sure to bring it up next week! We talk about the management of products vs. the marketing of brands so this is a good one to discuss!

For the first time ever, a woman will front the packaging of brand Johnnie Walker on a limited edition bottle available during Women’s History Month in March as well as International Women’s Day. For every bottle sold, $1.00 will go towards charities that support women.

Jane Walker. “Keep Walking America.”

While some heralded the marketing initiative as the “Lady Doritos of Booze,” others saw it as a simple way to support current conversations and to contribute in some way. Some saw it as an obvious marketing ploy while others saw it as a progress. This is, once again, where the consumer gets to weigh in and vote. With their voice and their dollar.

I love the strong imagery, to be honest. And there's no change to the product which there really shouldn't be. So I kinda dig it, but then again I'm a big fan of marketing, obviously.

So what’s your take? A step forward for the brand or just a way to sell more product? What’s your experience? JIM.