Is Mercedes at the Super Bowl 2018?

As brands, we’ve time and time again that you don’t have to be at the Super Bowl to reap the benefit of the Super Bowl audience. There’s so much activity surrounding the game before, during, after, and online that as brands you don’t have to pony up $5million for a :30 spot.

And that’s exactly what Mercedes is doing with its classic re-do of “last fan standing.” Remember that gig when the last person still touching the car wins the car? Well now we have the online downloading the Mercedes special app, you can win a new car if you’re the last person to keep your finger on the moving car for the entire game.

Sounds nearly impossible but when you think about how many screens most people have open while watching a television event, maybe not so much.

Here’s the trailer...

“All you need is a phone, a finger, and focus.” Perhaps not so easy during a frenetic Super Bowl party!

Give it a try? What’s your experience? JIM

PS - We’ll be following all the Super Bowl advertising during the Big Game on Twitter at #SuperBowlExp. Join us! I’m sure we’ll be talking about this lip synch battle between Doritos and Mountain Dew (both PepsiCo products)...