The Elvive "Comeback" at The Golden Globes

There was a mysterious piece of advertising that aired during The Golden Globes the other night that just can't go unmentioned. And it was all based on a "comeback."

Everyone loves a good comeback story; its human nature. And actress Winona Ryder has certainly had one of her own with her roles in Stranger Things and Heathers as of late.

Ms. Ryder was featured in a new video for L'Oreal brand Elvive, which creatively showed her getting ready to go back on stage, with beautiful hair but of course. Take a look...

Beautifully shot, for sure. Fun to see Ms. Ryder, absolutely. The connection back to damaged hair, a creative stretch. But it's creative nonetheless and a good way to build awareness for this brand.

Giving damaged hair a comeback via a Hollywood comeback story.

What do you think? Buying it? What's your experience? JIM