KFC's Nuclear Tweet to McDonald's

It's not uncommon for category competitors to declare war on each other, and the fast food industry is amongst the most competitive.

And it's becoming more and more common for brands to jump on the news of the moment, and use it to promote their own messaging.

We saw a little bit of both this past weekend from KFC in the UK/Ireland when it "paralleled" the recent tweet from Donald Trump touting the size of his nuclear button. Basically, KFC went right for McDonald's to say that it's meal box was bigger and more powerful, and has gravy!

The social media reaction was a bit mixed, with some applauding the creativity while others felt the seriousness of the topic shouldn't be touched. The correct opinion is in the eyes of the consumer, who will vote with their voice and their wallet. But it's yet again another lesson learned in brands being conscious about how they message their marketing and being conscious about how consumers will react.

What do you think? What's your experience? JIM