Hanger Latex Flame Choker

Hanger Latex Flame Choker? What? In hindsight, probably four words that should never have been strung together.

File this next to H&M...under ”But how could THIS happen!?”

Just this week I wrote about the H&M hoodie heard ‘round the world and about how its backlash keeps on. Now the mom of the model used in the ad is citing concerns over safety of her son. Too far.

But we are witnessing similar backlash at another fashion retailer, ASOS, for its promotion of an item called “Hanger Latex Flame Choker” (pictured above). Note that the brand name is Hanger so this isn’t the only product with that brand name, but it makes for a messy combination of words. Social media comments say that it’s celebrating suicide. Perhaps, but as worrisome is the completely poor timing given all of the social commentary as of late. Well actually, no timing would have been anything but poor timing on this one.

Have to ask the question...”Did they think this one through? How could this happen?”

Lessons Learned for Brands: Be conscious of the marketing you’re putting out there and how people may react and also have an appropriate approval process in place to screen for content that may confuse, ignite, or be misinterpreted. And then double check it before you release it. And then have a response plan if you still happened to miss something.

Here we go again. What’s your experience? JIM