Crock Pot on “This Is Us”

Spoiler Alert if you’re not caught up on This Is Us. Stop Right Here!

Brand Crock Pot found itself in an unlikely hot mess this past week due to a plot line on the (really big) hit show This Is Us on NBC. Evidently one of the beloved characters (Jack, if you're familiar with the show) got killed in a house fire caused by a Crock Pot and its faulty switch.

Fans were enraged, blaming the Brand for this gentleman’s untimely death. Social media lit up, in a (what’s becoming more common) bizarre mix of fiction meeting reality. 

Now clearly, Crock Pot had nothing to do with this and most of the time brands would kill to get this massive exposure in pop culture. Even Stephen Colbert weighed in about pushing a “simmer” button. But this particular situation isn’t necessarily anything a brand would ask for.

Crock Pot, in good form, released a statement and the show’s creator also sent a reminder that fiction is fiction. Perhaps, in the end, it’s a good reminder to check the condition of all our appliances. I know it made me think twice about all the things that I have plugged in around my house. 

It’s a fascinating case of the intensity of fans, the impact of a plot line, the spreading of proper information, and the mixing of fiction with reality.

What’s your experience? JIM.