CEO of BlackRock - An Inspiring Message

The CEO of BlackRock, an investment management company, got it right last week...he sent a note out to other CEO's in the industry basically saying not to solely focus on short term profits.

Click here to give it a read.

This from an investment management firm?!? Yes, indeed!

While certainly any for-profit organization needs to make a profit for its various constituents, including shareholders, but it shouldn't look that way. It shouldn't be so obvious and it shouldn't be the only item on the agenda. And it shouldn't be at the expense of everything else.

So for a company (and industry) known to focus on (solely) generating profit to make such a bold statement is quite inspiring! A great way to build its brand equity...for the company and for the CEO personally.


It's refreshing to see a CEO take a broader view on the business, clients, employees, communities, and the world.

What's your experience? JIM
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