Budweiser Water for Super Bowl 2018

True to form, Super Bowl leader Budweiser is one of the first brands out of the gate with a preview of its new Super Bowl spot. And I for one can’t wait for this Super Bowl Advertising season to begin!

Year after year after year, we can always count on Budweiser to bring us a tear-jerker ala their Clydesdales. It’s almost a tradition. Here’s one of my favs from 2014...

Last year the brand broke tradition and very ceremoniously celebrated its immigrant roots, many say in perfect timing for the new American President...

Well for 2018, it looks as though we have a new message of nationalism coming from Budweiser and in my humble opionion this spot is spot on...

Perfect song, by the way! I had written about Budweiser’s water efforts for the Hurricane Relief at the time, so it’s very interesting to see that they are using those efforts as their core brand messaging.

In what is certainly become a paradigm shift in how brands communicate with consumers, Budweiser is showcasing how it has become an active member of the community. Putting aside product messaging and profits for the sake of the greater good. And using its employee base as proper ambassadors for what the brand stands for.

I believe this is going to be a trend in Super Bowl advertising this year. Nationalism. Giving back. Unity. Employee engagement. Putting aside profits to help fix what needs fixing.

UPDATE!!! Sister brand Stella Artois just released their spot for the Super Bowl, using "water" in a different way with spokesperson Matt Damon speaking on behalf of water.org. Seems like they have a magical chalice?

And in another UPDATE...sounds like we may still see a Clydesdale spot from Budweiser after all. Perhaps speculation and it may not even run during the Super Bowl. We shall see and we'll have to tune in to find out!

What’s your experience? JIM

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