Amazon Go — Now Open

About a year ago I wrote about Amazon’s foray into brick/mortar with a new convenience store especially created for Amazon members. It’s completely cash-less and cashier-less in that all you do is pick the item off the shelf and walk out. Your membership does the rest...meaning your phone calculates the entire transaction. It even knows if you pick something up and then put it’re only charged for items you exit with in your hand/bag.

It’s basically a smart store, chocked full of convenience items and food. Complete with a chef. A smart chef! It’s the convenience store of the future, powered by Amazon tech. Smart tech, convenient tech.

But at the time it was first opened, it was only for Amazon employees. Not just officially opened up to the public in Amazon's hometown of Seattle. I have a feeling we’ll see other locations coming soon! And probably offering a broader range of categories eventually as well.

Such a smart advancement for this retail giant. But not just online anymore. As someone who recently visited the Amazon bookstore in Manhattan (fabulous but not "smart"), I certainly hope we see more.

Have you been yet? What’s your experience? JIM
Jim JosephAmazon, retailComment