Sherpapa - A Brand for Dads

First of all, before I say anything...I just love the brand name: Sherpapa!

Matthew Morrison of GLEE fame recently had a baby, and he's self-admittedly labeled himself as a "present and protective" father. A Sherpapa! I love it. I would have characterized myself that way back in the day too. Well, actually, I would still characterize myself that way to this day even though my kids are in their twenties and starting careers of their own.

But Mr. Matthew is taking it a step further with a business proposition...gear for those fathers who consider themselves present and protective. A man after my own heart as this was something I would totally do if I didn't have a day job.

The brand is called Sherpapa, presumably for Sherpapas.

1. A strong family leader; a protector of children's futures and their world.

2. A term of endearment for a beloved father or grandfather.

There’s something there for all the dads, from what might be considered a diaper bag to baby carriers. All in cool dad designs, at least to my eye. Pretty fabulous, and very dad like. Something I would have cherished when I was raising my kids as there really were very few if any brands recognizing a dad’s role in raising the kids. Back then, no one gave any acknowledge to us Sherpapas out there!

Thank you, Matthew, from one Sherpapa to another!

What’s your experience? JIM

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