My Favorite Blog Posts of 2017

If you haven't noticed yet, I love writing about marketing and about being a dad...and the balance of work and life. It’s this thing called life which for me blends back and forth and back around again between work, family, and friends, so I write about it constantly!

As we round out 2017, I thought I'd share the posts that I loved the most.

What's your experience? Happy New Year! JIM

10 - Trump Gets a GQ Makeover: Just plain fun, politics aside, from a continually evolving fashion brand.  had to throw in something I wrote about the year’s MOST talked about person!

9 - Pop Up Employee: We have to CHANGE the way we think about our teams, and this was the year to start doing it!

8 - Don't Let Your Butt Dominate Your Brain: Many readers commented that this was the HEADLINE of the year, but honestly it’s a great lesson learned at home and at work!

7 - #FailForward: I learned a new concept this year, and passed it along. While I’ll never be super comfortable with the concept, it really is ok to fail as long as we LEARN!

6 - "Gifted" Gifts All Father Figures: My favorite MOVIE of the year, and proof that fatherhood comes in many forms!

5 - Gay Fathers vs. Straight Fathers: My crowd-sourced piece for STAND Magazine asked a question and got a surprising answer!

4 - Play For the Person Next to You: An INSPIRING talk from the Dad 2.0 Summit I went to in San Diego, and a way of thinking as we go about our lives!

3 - Glad I Don't Have to Explain This to the Kids: This post on HuffPost voiced my biggest CONCERN of the year!

2 - Graduation Relief: Both of my kids GRADUATED from universities this year. What a relief!

1 - Argue the Other Side: My favorite LESSON from a professor back in the day has new relevance!