New Birkenstock Bed

Are you familiar with Birkenstock shoes?
I think it's fair to say that Birkenstock is a bit of a cult brand, and I'm personally a believer. While some say they're not the most attractive, they are most comfortable. And they are designed not only for comfort, but for optimized foot support, proper gait, and secure back alignment as well. Almost a bit of an orthopedic.

Partially my words. Well at least that's how I've positioned it in my mind...isn't that what positioning is all about? At least that's what I teach in my class at NYU!

Which is why if you're not a part of the brand already, you may think that this next move makes no sense. But knowing the benefits of the brand, I think it fits perfectly.
Introducing...Birkenstock Bed Systems.  Here's an influencer video about it:

Obviously, Birkenstock isn't the first brand to make these kinds of claims. But certainly the branding helps to make the case for credibility, and certainly a brand fan will take it into consideration.

Alas, they are only available in Europe at the moment. But if successful, I'm betting we'll not only see geographical expansion but also expansion into other categories where the brand benefits also translate.

Like how about matting in kitchens to help support feet and back?!? How about backpacks that conform to your back?!? This is the kind of ideation, based on a brand's positioning, that we do in my NYU class. It's great fun and a real marketing mind expander!

Let's hope Birkenstock continues doing it too!

Any ideas? What's your experience? JIM
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