IKEA Home Tour

I’ve always been a fan of mega-brand IKEA. Not only as a consumer/shopper, but also as a marketer. And I had the privilege of working on the brand for a good bit of time during my career. So as a result, I’m generally impressed with most of their marketing moves...including this latest one.

The brand just launched a new home makeover “television” series called IKEA Home Tour. It’s not really on television, but on the small screen via a website, YouTube, and other social channels. And I would argue that it borrows from the successes of the television makeover shows, making it tv quality. Brilliant. Here’s one episode:

The show features a squad of designers who each bring their own play into the game, featuring IKEA solutions of course.

In an age where all we talk about is content marketing, this is content marketing done purposefully and on brand with a huge dose of entertainment.

Agree? What’s your experience? JIM