"Gifted" Gifts All Father Figures

I watched an inspiring movie recently while on a long flight overseas. I'd not heard of the film, nor was I necessarily drawn to it, nor do I honestly know much about the lead actor...but once I watched the trailer then I knew I had to click in.

Gifted. With Chris Evans.

It's essentially a story about fatherhood, but the Chris Evans character isn't a dad. But actually he is a dad, in the real sense of what a dad really is.

And that's where Gifted ended up gifting all of us dad types, whether we are technically a father or not. This "dad" took such good care of his “daughter” through the ups and downs and hurdles of life...knowing exactly what she needed for her development, sacrificing his own needs for hers. That is nothing short of inspirational.

Was he equipped for fatherhood? No, but are any of us really equipped for fatherhood? Did he make mistakes? You betcha, just like all the rest of us dads. Was his heart and his intention always in the right place? Of course, he's a dad.

While my personal story is very different and while my husband’s personal story is very different as well, I could totally relate to the storyline and couldn’t help but think all that my husband did for our children. And I couldn’t help but think about the choices we made through the years for their development.

Gifted is a gift...to anyone playing a father role and to anyone who is taking care of the physical and emotional well being of another.

Thank you, Gifted...for the acknowledgement and for the inspiring role model. There weren’t many like this back when my kids were young and I can’t help but think that this story will help others today.

What’s your experience? JIM

PS - Smart role for Chris Evans too...expanding his brand into new genres to build our his portfolio!