Budweiser Pre-Prohibition Beer

Just in time for the holidays and just in time to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition (the date is December 5th for all you history buffs), Budweiser just released a Pre-Prohibition beer that is, yes, higher in alcohol content, but more importantly (for me as a marketer) carries imagery of a bygone era before Prohibition restricted beer sales. As one of only a few brewers around back then and still around today, Budweiser certainly has the license to play in this space.

Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve. The best part, and the most legit, is that it’s based on a brand recipe actually used back in the day. The day before Prohibition. That’s kinda cool in my brand book.

To kick it off, the brand is partnering with Lyft in New York to give lucky riders a taste of the brew along with a tour of Prohibition-era landmarks in The City. As a New Yorker, I’m a bit curious to tell you the truth.

Get ‘em while they’re hot, as they say, because they’re only available for a limited time. Hopefully, not because we are facing another era of Prohibition. These days you never know!

What’s your experience? JIM
Jim JosephComment