Angel Soft - Single Dad

Now admittedly, the product mention is a bit forced. Sorry to say. But I have to honor and acknowledge how the Angel Soft brand features a single dad. Truthfully, while a bit forced, the “soft and strong” thought isn’t so far off, nor is the bathroom as central hub of the house far off either.

No matter what, though, this brand is celebrating a single dad doing things that single dads do, and do well. 

Thank you very much! “If you’re doing it alone, then you have to stay strong.”

As someone who has been there and done that in a time when no one would acknowledge it, I am thrilled beyond belief to see brands, many brands, show that men too can care for their kids. In many many ways. In ways once thought only reserved for mom. In many ways all by themselves.

Bravo, Angel Soft.

Take a look —

Way to go, dad!

What’s your experience? JIM