Nordstrom Stores Have No Merchandise

A retail clothing store with no merchandise? What are you kidding me? What planet do you live on?

Planet Earth. Location: USA. West Hollywood, CA to be exact.

Concept Store: Nordstrom Local.

Reality: brick and mortar retailing has changed forever. The convenience, selection, timing, and service of online resources has dramatically changed the amount of traffic that goes through physical retail locations. Some retailers are responding, while others are not. As a result, some are suffering while others are thriving. If you haven't noticed, then either you don't live on Planet Earth or you simply don't ever shop.

Nordstrom is responding, hoping to be thriving. Many are noticing.

The idea behind Nordstrom Local is a much smaller, service-oriented retail experience that has no inventory. There's no merchandise to browse. But there is beer, wine, manicures, and tailoring services all catered to the online shopper who stops in to pick up, return, or tailor their clothing. With a pleasant experience the entire way through. In fact if you order early enough in the day, you can come by in the afternoon to get it all sized. With a latte.

Pretty brilliant. While the brand is starting out with one location in California, I'm betting we will see more to come soon. From other retail brands as well.

Nordstrom Local. What's your experience? JIM

Jim JosephNordstrom, retailComment