Google and Vogue - The September Issue

The September Issue is one of my favorite documentaries...documenting the making of Vogue magazine's largest content and sales month every year, September, when it showcases the fall fashions. The cast of characters are completely engaging and the creative process is so exciting to witness. While I was already a fan of fashion and respectful of the magazine's impact on the industry, the documentary brought it all into light for me.

Take one look at the breadth and depth of content for each September issue, and you'll see why it takes so much to bring it all to life.

And it's not just Vogue, by the way. All the magazines, especially those covering fashion, dial it up for September. It's the start of the new season, a return to a post-summer regime, and then there's that back-to-school thing. The competition for attention is fierce.

Part of the excitement and stress of the September issue of Vogue (and any other magazine) is not only making sure that it is indeed the largest month of the year, but also making sure that it tops the year prior. And beats out any competition.

If you're in business, you get that...every year we have to do better than the year before. It's called growth, staying relevant, and increasing the creative game. It's called staying alive, in business anyway.

And then there's Vogue, with a history of setting the trends. That's a lot to live up to.

Well this year I think they've done it again for the September issue. By partnering with Google, as in Google Home, the magazine is bringing alive voice-activated content to enhance the original editorial content.

So a reader can asked Google Home for behind-the-scenes information on a celebrity interview, a runway show, or a specific fashion look...and get an answer from someone at the magazine.

So what was it like to meet and talk to Oprah?

Behind-the-scenes isn't new. Nor is expanded content. But having it be user-activated via voice on a Home device is taking it to the next level. Growth year over year.

I mean it is the September issue, after all.

What's your experience? JIM.